Hi, I'm Sami

Let me give you 'me' in a nutshell. I'll break the ice by telling you that I am a total goofball and extremely outgoing. Full transparency here. I am not quiet unless I have to be and I love interaction and socialization. For ten years, I have worked in the clerical side of the dental field as my full-time gig. I love whole-heartedly, without fail. My passion & drive exceeds the norm and this reflects in my work. I love collaborating with like-minded individuals and learning from others so we can all share ideas and grow. I'm most happy when enjoying a good ol' mountain view accompanied by a glass of wine or a hot cup of coffee; depending on the time of day, of course. I am a wife and a mama to a beautiful little girl named Hallie. My family is everything to me and everything that I do, is for them. Photography, however, is something that I do for ME. It is my pride and joy and something that is extremely refreshing and uplifting. When I get stuck in the constant, repetitive motions of life, photography brings me back and helps me find my groove again. I am so glad I picked up a camera. I am never putting it down...

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What I want my clients to know

My goal is to ensure my clients are given memorable, high quality images while also having a great experience with me during the photo session. I am a 'fun' photographer. Please remember, I do this because I enjoy it and that will be abundantly clear when working with me. Aside from delivering amazing images, I will absolutely make you laugh, a lot. I focus mainly on weddings, elopements, vow renewals, engagements, proposals and anything that has to do with couples, intimacy and love. However, I also enjoy photographing boudoir, maternity, family lifestyle, professional headshots and branding for businesses. My editing style is vibrant & moody. I like to make the rich colors pop while making my subjects (you) bright and your skin tones true to color. I like a sharp, crisp image. Ultimately, I edit the image to give it the best quality and do my best to match the vibe the photo sets. Check out my portfolio for the best understanding of my style. If you have editing requests, let's chat. I am open-minded and willing to listen. I love to travel on the weekends, so take me to your destination and let's capture your special moments! Reach out to me. I'd love to hear how I can make your photography dreams come true.

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